Monday, November 22, 2010

Greater, and also Closer

Have you ever thought about criticizing God?

It is, perhaps, a little bit like the tip of a needle criticizing the Sewer, because it cannot see the tapestry being formed, but only the swirl of seemingly random colors of the thread that it moves about.

It is maybe even a little bit like the tip of one strand on a paint brush criticizing the Painter, because it cannot see the picture that He is painting. All it can see is a little of the paint. And all the while, the Painter smiles and bears with this strand, even loves it. And He knows what He is using that strand to form.

When you look at the heavens, the sky, this vast creation full of stars and planets and nebulae and things bigger and brighter than we have ever imagined, just know that the Sewer, the Painter, the Artist behind it all is bigger and greater and more glorious than you can imagine.

But He is also closer.

You see, this great God, who sets planets in motion, also knit together each atom that forms your body, and the computer screen you see before you, and each planet and each star that He has spun in motion.

And He abides in you.

This God, this Artist behind this unspeakably large creation, behind the light years of artistry that form His canvas, also lives in you. Inside you. Think about that for a second.

He made the stars and the planets.

He lives in you.

He walked on this earth as a man, and died for you.

And now He... is... inside... you.

He knows how many hairs are on your head. He knows your each and every thought intimately. He is a great God, a jealous God, a pure and Holy God, but also a compassionate God, a God who is love, and a God who wants you, who wants me, who wants all of us, to walk a little more in step with His love each day. To love Him. To know Him. To love others. To know others. To admire His creation, and work to better His creation, because we are fellow workers with the Sewer, the Painter, the Artist.

He is greater than you know.

He is closer than you know.

And He loves you.

Chris Tomlin said it right. How great is our God!

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