Saturday, November 27, 2010


The weather, as I write this, is as follows.

Telford, PA. Cloudy, and 36 degrees. (It feels like 31, though!)

Mechanicsburg, PA. Also cloudy, but a mere 34 degrees! (It feels like 28!)

This reminds me... two people can be going through exactly the same day, in nearly the same place, but it can feel quite different to the two of them. You may be having a great day... but I may not. You may be having, in some ways, a better day, a better year, a better life than me. And I may be struggling with a lot right now, and taking it pretty hard.

I don't always understand what the people around me are thinking... or feeling... or going through. But one thing I've found to hold true: Treating people with love with do more to smooth over the differences in our days than anything else. Just giving someone the time of day, listening, caring, is huge.

If your weather is a little different than mine... or the same... or whatever. I love you very much. And my life is a little better for having you in it.

Special thanks to the two friends who inspired this post! May the weather of everyone reading this be bright, and even if it's not, can I pray with you through whatever life is throwing your way? God's Peace everyone!

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  1. I so totally agree!
    There's nothing that will warm up someone's day like a few kind words or a helpful gesture. Funny thing is, it often ricochets back on the giver--when you know you've turned someone's day around, if just for a minute.